Annual Reports

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Our Annual Reports are published with an intent to update our donors, partners, volunteers and the general public on our activites, progress and goals.

They also contain metrics on the number of children/elders supported, the number of locations/campaigns supported, etc.

The Annual Report is typically released in February of the following year.

Happy Bar Nutrition Inc. (est. 2016) is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation

Since 2016

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target for 2024

Year 2023

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of funds goes to production of Happy Bars

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Our Causes

Children With cancer, hiv and other severe illnesses

We provide protein-rich Happy Bars to children battling cancer, HIV, and other severe illnesses. Our nutritious Happy Bars are specially designed to meet the dietary needs of young patients, helping to sustain their strength and resilience during treatment. By delivering all-important protein and vitamins, we aim to bring a small but significant comfort to these brave children, supporting their health and well-being during their most challenging times.

Abandoned Children & Children in Orphanages

We are committed to aiding abandoned children and those living in orphanages by providing them with protein-rich Happy Bars. These nutritious snacks are designed to fill crucial dietary gaps and support the health and development of these vulnerable young individuals. By delivering these essential bars, we aim to offer not just nourishment, but also a symbol of hope and care, reinforcing our commitment to improving the lives of children in need.


We focus on providing Happy Bars to children attending public schools and institutions that are underfunded. These schools often struggle with limited resources, which can affect the quality of education and nutrition the students receive. By supplying these nutritious snacks, we aim to support the health and learning capabilities of these children, helping to level the playing field and ensure they have the energy and focus needed to succeed in their studies.

Children in Slums

Children living in slums face numerous challenges, from inadequate housing and sanitation to limited access to healthcare and education. These conditions can significantly hinder their development and overall well-being. Happy Bar Nutrition focuses on providing these children with  our nutritious protein-rich Happy Bar. By addressing this critical need, we aim to improve their chances for a better future and help them rise above the difficult circumstances they face daily.

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